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First Century Jerusalem – 30 Feet Underground – Richard Rives and Wayne Farris

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In 1981 Ron Wyatt located what he believed to be the crucifixion site of Jesus Christ. He found a square depression in the surface material, into which a cross could have been placed, along with an adjoining crevice. Ron Wyatt said that the blood of Christ ran down through that crevice and onto the Mercy Seat of the Ark of …

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NOAH’S ARK- The Early Years

Noahs Ark Discovered by Ron Wyatt

In Sept. 1960, 27 year old Ron Wyatt, along with thousands of other people, read an article in “Life” Magazine about a strange boat-shaped formation in the mountains of Ararat: “NOAH”S ARK? Boatlike form is seen near Ararat. While routinely examining aerial photos of his country, a Turkish army captain suddenly gaped at the picture shown above. There, on a …

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NOAH’S ARK- The Action Years

Noah's Ark Discovered by Ron Wyatt

(First published in newsletter # 9 in 1994) March 1985 Ron and Dave Fasold arrived in Turkey on March 20, 1985. Meeting them in Ankara was Samran Al Moteri, the Saudi Arabian prince who had come to visit Ron earlier in Madison, Tennessee. He had heard about Ron’s claim that Mt. Sinai was in his region of Saudi by some …

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Understanding the remains of Noahs Ark

(First published in newsletter # 9 in 1994) The entire key to understanding the evidence which confirms that this site DOES in fact contain the remains of Noah’s Ark, is understanding the condition of the remains. The “world” has a preconceived notion of what they will accept, and that is: a recognizable wooden ship, (still intact after 4,300 years), and …

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For the Record…

Setting the record straight noahs ark

(First published in newsletter # 16 in Sept. 1996) During the course of Ron’s work on the various projects, numerous people have wanted to become involved. Some have felt Ron was unqualified to continue the work because of his lack of credentials and they pursued independent research without Ron. While initially, some of these people declared a belief in the …

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Satelite Image of Noahs Ark

(First published in newsletter # 16 in 1996) There have been numerous “tales” about ark sitings throughout the years- dozens of tales, all different places, all different details, and etc., etc. But a good number of those who still believe the Ark has to be on Mt. Ararat, and have rejected the evidence of the true site, try to make …

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noahs ark

(First published in newsletter # 4 in 1993) In 1985 a six-inch hole was drilled into the side of the ark. By way of that hole, matrix material samples were taken from within a cavity. Careful examination of the samples with the naked eye revealed fibers that appeared to be hair. Recently these fibers were evaluated by a fiber expert …

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Laminated Wood on Noah’s Ark


(First published in newsletter # 1 in 1992) Over the past fifteen years the Turkish government, through the Noah’s Ark Commission, has cooperated with Ron Wyatt on obtaining and evaluating structural specimens from Noah’s Ark. One of these specimens was a piece of fossilized deck planking, which many of you have seen on the up- dated Noah’s Ark videos. The …

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Who Decides if it is the ARK?

JOIST-~1 (Large)

(First published in newsletter # 8 in 1994) (Noah’s Ark) What do real archaeologists say about this? – do they think its the ark? Well, there’s no better answer than the one Richard Rives gives: “Leading archaeologists and scientists say that the earth is millions of years old and that you and I descended from a monkey”. It is our …

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Mathew 12:37

NASH-MAG (Large)

(First published in newsletter # 11 in 1995) There have been those who have been critical of Ron’s discoveries. Honest criticism (when informed of the evidences) and personal opinion are the right of every individual. However, untruths and “half-truths” told by those who dispute the validity of the discoveries MUST be countered with the real and “whole” truth. Why? Because …

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