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The Discoveries Volume



In depth information on most of Ron’s discoveries. Over 45 color photos, plus maps, diagrams, and much more. Compiled from newsletter issues 1-10. We highly recommend this book.



Important Consumer Notice: Ron Wyatt dug in a cave system, north of the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem over a three and a half year period of time and claimed to have located the Ark of the Covenant buried in a subterranean cave. This product is based on Ron’s account of that discovery. There is a great deal of solid scientific evidence to support many of Ron’s findings.
Even so, at this time it is important to state however that Ron’s account of his discovery of the Ark of the Covenant cannot be confirmed and that recent exploration reveals unexplained discrepancies in that account. The Bible states that in the mouth of two or three witness is every word established. Ron had no second witness and provided no conclusive evidence as to the location of the Ark of the Covenant; therefore, his account as follows is not an established fact. With that understanding, we offer this product.

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