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Where was the Red Sea Crossing?

Ron Wyatt found a beach on the Gulf of Aqaba which could easily have held the multitude, their flocks, and also pharaoh’s army. But there’s another interesting fact about this site.


Josephus gives an additional bit of information in his “Antiquities of the Jews” Book II, Chapter XV.


Speaking of pharaoh’s army pursuing the multitude, he states:

“They also seized upon the passages by which they imagined the Hebrews might fly, shutting them up between the inaccessible precipices and the sea; for there was [on their roughness, and obstructed their flight; wherefore they there pressed upon the Hebrews with their army, where [the ridges of] the mountains were closed with the sea…”


When Ron Wyatt first visited the site of Nuweiba in 1978, these mountains could be seen on the south end of the beach area which terminated at the sea – no passage would have been possible to the south. (See color photo below of this area, where the mountains meet the sea on the south end.)


Ron found the chariot parts when diving on the southern end of the beach. This implied that the multitude traveled to this section of the beach.


Pharaoh’s army entered from the same wadi, which is the only entrance onto the beach.


This wadi is located midway of the beach, and once the army entered the area, the multitude’s only means of escape would have been to the south. But the mountains to the south extend all the way to the sea – they had no way of escape, or so it seemed.

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