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We Found It!

In 1984, after his imprisonment in Saudi, Ron had visited with Col. Jim Irwin at his office, and he had told Jim about both the “boat-shaped object” and Jebel el Lawz (Mount Sinai in Arabia).
While Jim’s main interest seemed to be in Noah’s Ark exploration, he expressed interest in the site in Saudi and offered any help he could give.

In the July 1988 edition of Jim Irwin’s “High Flight Foundation Newsletter”, the following announcement was made:

“Great news! We strongly feel that the REAL Mt. Sinai has been discovered. Since February, we have been searching in Egypt and Saudi Arabia in an attempt to find the real Mt. Sinai, currently believed to be in Egypt….Larry Williams and I [Bob Cornuke] have taken two trips to Saudi Arabia and traveled to Jebel al Lawz….”

Later, Larry Williams published his book called, “The Mountain of Moses” in which he documents how he and Bob Cornuke (Vice-President of “High Flight”) sneaked into Saudi “discovering” the real Mt. Sinai.

The saddest part for Ron Wyatt was that he had given the “High Flight” people directions to the site and even drawn a diagram of where everything was. We later learned that they went to Dave Fasold and got precise information which allowed them to “make their discovery”.

Yes, they found it: Right where Ron Wyatt discovered it 4 years before.

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