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More than Geological Layers

Ron found a road that had been cut through some of the whitish material and the freshly exposed interior of the material displayed a layering effect which swirled in such a manner as to make it obvious that these were more than geological layers. In searching the Bible for clues to their locations, Ron and his wife Mary Nell found …

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More Lab Tests

February 1992 Richard Rives, having become acquainted with an international corporation which specialized in metallurgy, made arrangements for the “rivet” to be analyzed in their laboratory. Careful analyses was performed on the specimen. Samples were analyzed from what appeared to be the washer around the head of the rivet, and from an area 1 cm. away from the washer. Results The …

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Hostage in the Mountains

August 31, 1991 Application was made with the Turkish Government for a “full excavation permit” for work on “Noah’s Ark”. While waiting on the permit, Ron Wyatt, Richard Rives and Marvin Wilson of the United States and Dr. Allen Roberts, of Sydney Australia, were taken hostage. At gunpoint, they spent 21 days climbing mountains in Eastern Turkey as their assailants …

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A Rivet Discovered

June 1991 A tour group, organized by Wyatt Archaeological Research and Richard Rives, visited the site. As Ron and the group approached “Noah’s Ark” from the south end, he noticed an object that when observed, in the presence of the tour participants, bore the shape of a very large “rivet” head, with a washer around it. NOTE: Ron had previously …

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