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More Lab Tests

February 1992

Richard Rives, having become acquainted with an international corporation which specialized in metallurgy, made arrangements for the “rivet” to be analyzed in their laboratory.

Careful analyses was performed on the specimen. Samples were analyzed from what appeared to be the washer around the head of the rivet, and from an area 1 cm. away from the washer.


The 4 analyses they ran showed that location 1 yielded a 1.88% and 1.97% carbon content while location 2 yielded a .14% and .13% amount.

The scientists involved in the analysis made the following notation in their report:

” It is interesting to note that location 1 (presumably fossilized timber members) was found to contain much higher carbon (1.9%) than location 2 (presumably fossilized metal.”

wpe9     wpeB



When an object undergoes the process of fossilization, as its material decays it is replaced by material in the surrounding soil or water. The analysis revealed exactly what would be expected to be found in a fossilized metal washer and rivet (non-living matter) attached to a piece of fossilized wood (once living matter).


The discovery of titanium in the “Rivet” is of special interest. The advantage of titanium as a metal is its tremendous strength, its light weight and its resistance to corrosion.

All of the analyses performed on the “Rivet” found it to contain Iron, Aluminum, Manganese, Vanadium and Chromium. These elements are known today to be the major alloying agents added to titanium.

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