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Inside the Ark of the Covenant


Ron returned to the chamber. Using a star tipped drill he made a 5/8 inch hole in the stone case. Ron had brought with him a colonoscope (a medical device with a powerful light source used to look into the human body). Inserting the colonoscope into the hole he could see the crown-molding around the top of the Mercy Seat and the flat golden side.

As the colonoscope doesn’t allow viewing of a large area, and since he had little means to guide it other than a small latitude of rotation, he couldn’t see a great deal. But he saw enough to know for sure that it was the Ark of the Covenant.


During his several visits to the chamber, Ron tried to thoroughly explore the contents. He measured the chamber and found it to be 22 feet long by 12 feet on 2 sides, while the other 2 sides followed the line of the cliff-face, forming a chamber that narrowed down in one corner.

The objects he saw in that chamber that he feels confident in identifying are: the Ark of the Covenant in the Stone case; the Table of Shewbread; the Golden Altar of Incense that was in front of the veil; the Golden Censer; the seven-branched Candlestick holder, (which didn’t have candles but had tiny, bowl-like golden oil lamps which are built into the tips of the candlestick); a very large sword; an Ephod; a Miter with an ivory pomegranate on the tip; a brass shekel weight; numerous oil lamps; and a brass ring which appeared to be for hanging a curtain or something similar.

There are more objects, but these are all Ron could positively identify. All of these objects were covered by the dry-rotted dark-colored animal skins, then dry-rotten wooden timbers on top of the skins, and finally the large rocks piled over everything.

On the back of the Ark is a small open cubicle which still contains the “Book of the Law” and is presumably the one Moses, himself, wrote. Ron found the Scrolls, written on animal skins, to be in perfect condition.

The Original Passage Used
to Carry the Ark into the Cave

Before permanently sealing the passageway, Ron had gone into the chamber with the Ark and opened the original entrance to see if he could follow it to its point of origin. When he opened it, he discovered on the other side a very large tunnel which extended in both directions.
He observed that the tunnel appeared to be a natural tunnel that had been enlarged as he saw chisel marks. It was completely blocked with large stones in both directions.

The problem now to be solved was determining the path taken by those who put the items in the chamber.

To resolve this question, Ron began by using simple reason. The items had been in the temple – that was their point of origin. They were now in this chamber, many feet below ground level. A great number of tunnels have been found under the temple mount and the city, but none that he knew of were heading in this direction. Was the entrance into the tunnel within the city or was it somewhere across the street in front of the northern wall? Ron had an idea as to where to begin his search.

“Zedekiah’s Cave”

In the winter of 1854, Dr. Barclay, a physician and missionary, went for a walk in Jerusalem. He was walking to the site of the traditional “Jeremiah’s Grotto” which is along the same Calvary escarpment. As he walked past the Damascus Gate, suddenly his dog, running ahead of him, vanished. As he searched for his dog who didn’t respond as he usually did to his owner’s whistles, he heard a muffled barking coming from the direction of the city wall. When he approached the wall, he noticed a deep hole and when he peered inside, he heard his dog’s familiar bark. And this is how “Zedekiah’s Cave” was discovered (or rediscovered).

This vast cavern is located underneath the Muslim section of the city, extending 750 feet into “Mt. Moriah”, beginning at the trench or dry moat separating the northern and southern portion.

It is 325 feet wide at the maximum point and the average height is almost 50 feet. It was clearly a stone quarry, but at what point it was in use, we really do not know. There are those who believe its stone was used in the first temple, and that may be true. But its existence was not a well known fact and most likely it was always kept completely sealed for fear of any enemies trying to tunnel into the city. Little is known for sure about the giant quarry, but one point everyone agreed on was the fact that there was no entrance into the city from the quarry.

Viewing the diagram of its layout, the dark areas are pillars of solid rock left in place to support the ceiling, like the pillars left in a coal mine. As the miners work their way back out of the mine after depleting it of all its coal, they remove these pillars of coal and the mine usually caves in.

These were obviously left in place to prevent the cavern from collapsing since part of the northern city is above it.

As Ron examined the quarry carefully, he noticed one thing that did not make sense. He tried to put himself in the “shoes” of the ancient stonecutters as he surveyed this massive quarry.

Seeing how deep into the side of the mountain the quarry extended, he thought about how much work it would have been to bring all that stone out of the quarry, carry it through one of the northern gates and into the city. It would have been easier to quarry it out of the quarry across the street than to haul it out of that cavern. To Ron, the solution was obvious – to cut a hole through the ceiling of the quarry and simply haul the rocks up into the city. The more he thought about it, the more obvious it became to him – yet, no one had ever found an entrance into the quarry from the city.

Ron began to examine the rock pillars; and sure enough, he found one that wasn’t a stone pillar at all. It was a giant mound of earth and debris, piled up, he believed, to the ceiling and through the hole in the ceiling. On the surface it would look like normal ground. But unable to examine the section above ground, he didn’t know if the rock had been cut in a manner that would allow the cut-out section to fit back over the hole like a “man-hole cover” or if it was only the piled up earth that filled the hole. But he was convinced that the hole is there.

A Babylonian Cherub had been found carved into the wall of one of the passageways. Ron believed that this Cherub was placed there to mark the entrance to the passageway that was used by Jeremiah to take the Ark of the Covenant outside the city walls by way of the underground cave system.

cherub1          cherub2



SPECIAL NOTE: Wyatt Archaeological Research is sponsoring the excavation in Zedekiah’s Cave under the full scientific directorship of Yehiel Zelinger of the Israel Antiquities Authority. IAA is not party to the claims made by Ron Wyatt concerning the Ark.

As the work in Zedekiah’s Cave is incomplete, this article is not intended, nor should it in any way be considered to be a conclusion, or an interpretation of the data collected. It is simply an overview of the work that has been done to this point.


Around 1450 BC a consuming fire descended upon Mt. Sinai. The Creator Himself came down and made a covenant with the Children of Israel. With His own finger, He wrote His covenant, The Ten Commandments, and instructed that it be placed in a golden receptacle known as the Ark of the Covenant, a container for the covenant and the very throne upon which His presence was to dwell.

In the presence of the Almighty, the chosen people of Israel became invincible “a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.”

Some 800 years later, Israel had fallen away from it’s obligation to that Covenant; and, due to idolatrous abominations, the combining of pagan worship with that described in the first four commandments, the presence of God left the mercy seat, and with it the protection of Israel. In the year 586 B.C. the Babylonians took the city of Jerusalem, but not the Ark of the Covenant, for it had mysteriously vanished, seemingly without a trace. The Biblical accounts in 2 Kings chapter 25, and Ezra chapter 1, reveal that the Ark of the Covenant was not included in the spoils of Babylon.

In the late nineteenth century, while exploring the quarries of King Solomon under the city of Jerusalem, a French scholar, Charles Clermont-Ganneau , spotted a carving etched into the stone. Upon careful examination he discovered the body of a Lion, the wings of a bird, and the head of a man. The representation he found fit the description of a Biblical Cherub, not uncommon to find at the entrance of royal passageways.

Before his death in 1999, Biblical Archaeologist Ron Wyatt described an underground passageway that he determined to be that used by Jeremiah the prophet in transporting the Ark of the Covenant to a place of safety during the Babylonian siege. Ron found that the cherub, seen by Ganneau in King Solomon’s quarries, marked its entrance.

It is important to consider the fact that the information which Ron related was not a theory, but rather an eyewitness account. He believed that one day his account would be verified. As the official source of information relating to the discoveries of Ron Wyatt, Wyatt Archaeological Research – – continues it’s leadership role in the Biblically prescribed principal of verification. Pursuant to that principal, the beginning phase of excavation was recently completed to locate and document the passageway of Jeremiah; a passageway which could play an integral part in events prior to the final revelation of the Creators Covenant with His people.


  1. Michael Thomas Babcock

    Fascinating. The more details of Ron Wyatt’s life that I learn about, the more I am convinced of his special gift or anointing for discovery of Biblical treasures. To God be the Glory in the Name of Jesus Christ the Righteous!

  2. I’ve recently discovered the accounts of Ron too. I’m as intrigued as you are. I can’t wait to discover more about his travels and excavations.

  3. We will wait for the full extent of this discovery to be made known to us.It seems to be very promising indeed.The Lord is speaking to us through Mr Wyatt’s findings.The glory belongs to the Lord.

  4. Pastor Don Kryter

    several years ago Mr. Ron Wyatt made an artical “Unique Blood of Jesus Christ, with only 24 chromosome. I have page 1 however I have misplaced page 2 how may I obtain a copy of page 2

  5. I met Ron back when he was doing tours for that religious club. He had invited me to be part of the the team when it was time to bring it out. I would have loved to have been a part of that. He was the most humble man I have ever met. A true gentleman and nice guy. God has let His children know these things and it is right in front of most of the world, on the internet and the lost are still blinded. It is amazing to me, to see this revealing, by the power of God. The saved can see, but the lost cannot/willnot. Amazing!

  6. GOD lead me here.

  7. Susan Regina Cousins

    Truly I believe with all my heart, soul and spirit Our Father, Son and Holy Spirit has brought me to this site at this time! I pray that those who do not know Christ will be lead by the Holy Spirit to see what Ron Wyatt was lead to find for all to see! Bless you all in Jesus Name! Amen

  8. This account is true. Towards the end more would be revealed.

  9. a few years back GOD led me to Ron’s site, and through it i llearned of many things to a better understanding and of other links to other parts of biblical happenings, YES this account is TRUE

  10. This is a true blessing to me and my family. I praise God for leading me to this sight. Thank you Jesus. Amen

  11. All of this seems to good to be true, But Jesus said that the simple things would confound the wise. I have a insight to the Bible as I was raised by a Good Christian Family. My Gift is insight: You or a True Christian should Annoint that sight with Pure Virgin Olive Oil for Christ Blessings to be made manafest. It will Bless the whole world and Christ Himself who gave his life for us. It would be a true way of saying Thank You Jesus for all you did for this sin, sick world. He gave his Life for us all. What more could he do? I believe it would make him vary Happy to know we cared enough to annoint his place of death. For his healing and ours and all who do not yet realize the magnatude of his death on the cross to save us from hell itself. Dale!

  12. So the ark is still in there? Nobody has been back to explore the site fully?

  13. Barry Robertson

    If the Ark of the covenant and the furnishings of the temple are there the Israelies would not want the world to know. The Lord would also protect them for use in the temple in the end times. The true test of our faith is by believing what we cannot see.
    Ephesians 2:8-9 For by grace are you saved through FAITH and that not of yourselves. It is a gift of GOD not of works least any man should boast.
    If we found Noahs Ark intact the World would find ways to explain it away. Evolution explained away creation and now we have DNA that disproves evolution. The lost have to explain away God to justify there version of morality. If there is no creator there is no judgement then murder and sexual immorality can be justified in mans EYES.
    Keep your eyes on the Lord and seek to draw nearer through hearing and living his word. WE are not of this world our home is in heaven with the Lord.
    While the discoveries are interesting don’t expect absolute proof. I believe God will reviel more and more to reveal himself to the lost. But never loose sight of the fact he requires Faith and trust in the completed works of Jesus for salvation.
    Keep up the work revealing our Lord and faith. Hope to visit the museam soon.
    God Bless

  14. God is Good All the Time… Jesus is Lord of Lords & King of Kings. Amen

  15. I so admire Mr.Wyatt’s work. I hope with all the information given this great blessing to our world doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Where he is now, there are no secrets, only God’s glorious heaven. Blessed be our Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world.

  16. Your Bible tells of how in the End Time knowledge will increase – we are in those times now and so GOD is ensuring that the truth of The Bible, Creation, Flood and Jesus are all being proclaimed and proven despite the efforts of Satan and all his followers to sneer at GOD and the Truth!o#

    WHAT IS IMPORTANT to remember is that as the Ark had been lost since 586 BC the Chief Priest had still been performing the ritual of the Passover sprinkling of blood on the Ark’s Mercy Seat – but as a pantomime because te Ark was not in the rebuilt temple’s holy place.
    Inability to sprinkle the lambs blood on the seat meant that the Jew’s sins had not been forgiven!
    Also as no Ark waas in the temple GOD never visited it to communicate with the pries as the priest was lying and GOD hates liars!

  17. I believe all Ron wyatt’s findings

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