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How The Pyramids Were Built




There is only one known written explanation of how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids. Because it was written so many years after the age of the pyramids, few historians or archaeologists have given it much attention. Herodotus of Asia Minor, (d. 425 B.C.) traveled extensively in Egypt, collecting the verbal history of this most ancient nation. In writing about the construction of these pyramids, he stated:
“The method employed was to build it in steps, or, as some call them, tiers or terraces. When the base was complete, the blocks for the first tier above it were lifted from ground level by contrivances made of short timbers; on this first tier there was another, which raised the blocks a stage higher, then yet another which raised them higher still. Each tier, or story, had its set of levers, or it made be that they used the same one, which, being easy to carry, they shifted up from stage to stage as soon as its load was dropped into place…. The finishing-off of the pyramid was begun at the top and continued downwards, ending with the lowest parts nearest the ground.”

The “contrivance” used in the lifting of the enormous blocks of the pyramids is now understood. It has been thoroughly tested and examined by engineers who agree that such a “lift-device” is capable of lifting stones in excess of 100,000 pounds, when constructed in large enough dimensions.

Ron Wyatt, basing his design on the description of Herodotus, constructed machines, made of wood, that easily lift heavy objects.


  1. Talk about simplicity itself. This is the first i have heard this. There must be a tremendous concerted effort to keep this knowledge hidden from the public. So much for aliens or Nephilim building pyramids.

  2. Geoff Van Galen

    Totally agree with your comment Michael, hope you have been reading the other articles as well, I feel God has directed me to this site so I may help others to understand the truths about God, so much of this world is a delusion, may the truth set us free.

  3. WOW!! HOW AMAZING THIS IS, I am so happy to have found this and all the other amazing things. Cant believe how long its been and i barly foud out about all of this! God is awesome!

    • i am not sure this is the real way the ancient Egyptians used it to build the pyramids …..when i need to ask or learn about AMERICAN,S HISTORY I ask an AMERICAN expert

  4. I can see how once the 100,000 pound block is put on the lift it can be raised into place, BUT how do you MOVE a 100,000 pound block from where it is quarried to the site and THEN get it UP on the lift? Still some serious transport questions that we cannot accomplish in modern times.

    It is postulated that the ancients knew how to use sound frequency waves to move large objects. I read the testimony of a pilot in the 30’s who flew his small plane deep into a south american jungle. He gives an account of the native people gathering around a large object, beating their drums and doing just that: levitating this huge object,

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