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Faith- Do I Need These Discoveries?

(First published in newsletter # 3 in 1993)

Occasionally someone will say to us, “I don’t need to see all of these discoveries- I believe by faith.” And that’s wonderful. But as I mentioned earlier, after seeing all the things I’ve seen which confirm even tiny little details of the Bible, I can say without a bit of doubt that nothing will ever be able to shake my confidence in the Word of God. And years ago, there were times when preachers and writers had me thinking that just maybe, some parts of the Bible really were a little “messed up”.. I mean, after all, it’s been thousands of years since the Biblical writers lived, and well, maybe the Bible wasn’t all that correct. Do you know what I mean?

Eternal life is not a matter to take lightly- the things God has revealed are exciting, but they also have a purpose. These are God’s work. And because He has revealed all the wonderful evidences that have come to light in the last century, we must know that He has a purpose in this. Sure, we all believe by faith. But how strong is that faith going to be if the time comes that we are forced to make a decision based on that faith which may require us to lose our home, our family or maybe even our life? Is our faith that strong? Look around you, at the world we live in. It’s all almost over. And we are living in the time when our faith will be tried to its utmost- Satan knows his time is short and he is furious. So let us be thankful for the gifts the Lord is giving us which increase our confidence in His Holy Word. And as the end get nearer, and the trials we face seem unsurmountable, remember His promise:

REV 2:10 …be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.

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