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Archaeological Exploration in Zedekiah’s Cave

Wyatt Archaeological Research announces archaeological exploration in Zedekiah’s Cave – also known as King Solomon’s Quarries. Jerusalem, Israel – September 2011 History: Far beneath the Old City of Jerusalem lies Zedekiah’s Cave, a vast underground quarry thought to have been employed in the building of the temple in Jerusalem. Forgotten for hundreds of years, the cave was rediscovered in 1854 …

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12,000 Gallon Cistern?

August 2006 Ark of the Covenant Excavation Reveals Plastered Enclosure           Excavations just completed in Jerusalem revealed what appears to be a 12,000 gallon Byzantine cistern. A circular plastered enclosure measuring approximately sixteen feet in diameter and approximately ten feet in height was partially excavated. The cistern having walls as much as six feet in thickness adjoins an un-plastered circular …

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