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A Rivet Discovered

June 1991

A tour group, organized by Wyatt Archaeological Research and Richard Rives, visited the site. As Ron and the group approached “Noah’s Ark” from the south end, he noticed an object that when observed, in the presence of the tour participants, bore the shape of a very large “rivet” head, with a washer around it.



Ron had previously photographed what looked like groupings of metal fittings on the sides of “Noah’s Ark”, but he could not disturb them by cleaning them off.



  1. I was in the Tour group in 1991. The group had already gone ahead to the ark site. I was walking with Ron down a grassy slope; the grass was lush green about ankle high. All of a sudden Ron stopped, he reached down and picked up what looked like a large rock, when he turned it over it had the shape of a rivet and washer. also, when we were in Istanbul earlier, Ron found a nail at the Roman Viaduct mixed in with a lot of pebbles which turned out to be ancient. He just had a nack for finding things like that.

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