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A Meeting with Riyadh University

Tuesday April 9, 1985

Ron Wyatt and David Fasold went to the local Prince’s office in Tabuk where they again met with the Interrogation Team from Hagl, the archaeologist from Riyadh University, the Deputy Prince, several Imams, a translator and Samran. Ron and Dave began to be questioned about Jebel el Lawz. The Deputy Prince, through the translator, then asked Ron, “Why would Musa (Moses) bring the people to this isolated and undesirable spot when there were so many better locations in the area?” This was a valid question, because Jebel el Lawz is not an area that can support life to any extent. There is no water supply. Ron replied simply that “Moses was following the cloud, which led them there”.

One of the Imams then hotly responded in Arabic, “That’s not in the Koran!” Ron then quoted the words of an Imam he had heard on the television: “Every true Moslem believes every true prophet. If he doesn’t believe every true prophet, he isn’t a true Moslem.”

Then, Ron asked, “Was not Musa a prophet?” As soon as he said these words, all of the men began nodding their heads “yes”.

With this final question, the interrogation ended. The Saudis were all convinced as to the authenticity of Jebel el Lawz – it was the true holy mountain of God. The Deputy Prince, through the interpreter, then proceeded to ask Ron and Dave to stay, excavate and preserve the site. The archaeologist again shook Ron’s hand and congratulated him on the discovery. Promises were made that the King would provide all the funding for the project, a reward would be paid, and Ron would be introduced to the King.

At that point Ron had to decline, for he had scheduled a very important meeting in Ankara, concerning his Noah’s Ark project, and it was too important to miss.

The Saudis were not very happy about Ron and Dave’s refusal. They were not used to anyone not obeying their wishes. Dave’s video was confiscated by Abu Collet’s men, and had been his photographs which they had developed a few days earlier.

“You are to forget that you ever came here. We don’t want to read about this in a book or see it in a movie.” Ron and Dave acted agreeable without directly making any promises.

Any hopes of closer inspection of Jebel el Lawz now rested in the hope that the Saudis wouldn’t hold a grudge – as soon as he could financially afford it, Ron planned to notify them that he wanted to do the excavation. But, in time Ron discovered that Jebel el Lawz was not a subject the Saudis wanted made public.

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