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A Giant Shipwreck

August 11, 1979

Ron Wyatt returned to the site. What he saw, after the earthquake “looked like a giant shipwreck.”


Evenly spaced indentations could be seen all the way around the object, which “looked like decaying rib timbers”.

wpe20     wpe4

What appeared to be “horizontal deck support timbers” were observed at consistent intervals..

wpeD     wpe16

The earthquake had also cracked the object from “stem to stern” and Ron was able to take samples from deep within.

Samples of material outside of the object were also taken for comparison.

Ron measured the object finding it to be 515 feet long. 512 feet, plus 3 feet, the length of a section that had broken off.


300 Royal Egyptian cubits = 515 feet. The unit of measurement that Moses, who wrote the Book of Genesis, would have been familiar with was the Royal Egyptian Cubit. This is the same unit of measurement used in the construction of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. This cubit was employed until at least the time of King Solomon as gates constructed by him, in Israel, are based on this unit of measurement

wpeD1     wpe6


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