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Radar Scans

June/July 1985

Ron Wyatt, Dave Fassold and John Baumgardner surveyed the site with metal detectors and located a specimen which had the appearance of “wrought iron.”

It was reported by Dave Fassold that the semi -quantitative analysis of the iron samples, which was arranged by John Baumgardner, found them to contain from 60 percent to 91.84 percent FE2O3.

Subsurface radar scans were performed at the site revealing a boat shaped structure below the surface.



Sub-surface radar is a device built by Geophysical Survey Systems Incorporated (GSSI) that can chart the presence of objects below the surface.

August 1986

Joe Rosetta, vice-president of Geophysical Survey Systems, reviews the sub-surface radar scans. His conclusion: “This is not a natural object. The reflections are occurring too periodic for it to be a natural type interface.” “You’d never see anything like this in natural geology…. Some human made this structure, whatever it is.”

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